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eng deutsch übersetzer

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Viele Beziehungen zerbrechen, sobald sich herausstellt, dass einer der Partner aus der verstrahlten Region stammt. Der Film zeigt einen Jungen mit einer Deformation am Ohr.

Die starke Wirkung des Films beruht nicht allein auf der sachlichen Information. Leider laufen die Zwischentexte etwas schnell Es ist die Sprache der Bilder, die darauf abzielt, die Allgegenwart der unsichtbaren Strahlung sinnlich erfahrbar zu machen.

Lange Einstellungen unterstreichen den Eindruck von Verlorenheit und Zeitlosigkeit. Diese Gegend wird lange verseucht bleiben.

None of the films on show dealt with the current economic situation, the suffering of the population or social life in general.

Instead, many of the German films at the festival seemed to imply that the fate and happiness of the individual had little to do with broader social and material questions, but was rather simply—and directly—a matter of how individuals related to one another.

Two documentary films provided the exception. I Will Not Lose by Sandra Kaudelka The hype about the widely publicised trials held in Germany in over doping in sports may have created the impression that athletic achievements in the former East Germany GDR resulted solely from systematic drug use.

A number of sporting legends from the Stalinist GDR speak in the film. Udo Beyer was an Olympic champion and held several world records in the shot putt, while Brita Baldus was an East German and European diving champion.

Also present is Ines Geipel, a former leading sprinter, who has been campaigning on behalf of victims of forced drug-taking in the GDR for some years.

Drug-taking, however, is not the central concern in I Will Not Lose. Instead, the comments of the sportsmen and women offer insight into the contradictory role of sports in East Germany.

The promotion of sports certainly had its socially progressive element. The search for talent was wide-ranging, reaching even the kindergartens in the smallest provincial towns.

No talent was overlooked. Beyer came from a working class family of six children. At the same time, the strict focus on high performance at any cost served the state and its attempt to promote patriotism.

Many saw competitive sport as an opportunity to see something of the world. However, the price was high. The regime viewed top athletes as its property.

For those with real talent, according to Kaudelka, it was almost impossible to quit sports. She succeeded in doing so only after the break-up of the GDR.

When it emerged that Geipel intended to move to West Germany, she was brutally damaged during an operation supposedly to remove her appendix.

The reason for her recurring stomach pains was only recently discovered. The danger of potential medical complications and side effects was deliberately concealed.

Both received only suspended sentences. Ewald failed to express a word of regret. The director does not prompt the interviewees to discuss doping.

I Will Not Lose concentrates on the difficult training, and one gets an idea of how competitive sports means enormous discipline and the sacrifice of a normal life, but also the satisfaction in striving for new heights of achievement.

Geipel agreed to having her name struck from the record books, but Beyer sees no reason to do so. He admits to having knowingly taken drugs, but they were not a magic potion: The self-satisfied pronouncements from Beyer, who has established himself as a businessman, make clear that he feels very much at home in German capitalism.

But he is right. The traditional socialist movement with its Olympics for workers was opposed to the dog-eat-dog performance principle in sports.

For Beyer, the important work at the grass-roots level is lacking in Germany today. Former leading GDR athletes such as Roland Matthes—who entered the international swimming hall of fame in and has been the only athlete to be inducted into the German sports hall of fame since reunification in —have made their criticisms of the German system public.

Birgit Fischer, the leading canoeist in the GDR and the most successful German Olympic athlete of all time, has called for the selection system that existed in the GDR to be re-established.

In his latest film, Metamorphoses, which he shot without the permission of the Russian government, Mez has made a memorable work about ordinary people forced to live under unbelievably harsh conditions.

Beyond Chelyabinsk in the southern Urals there is a highly radioactive region of some 20, square kilometres. From onward, this was the site of the Mayak plutonium factory.

The plutonium was used in nuclear weapons, and since the s, the area has been used for reprocessing nuclear materials. The water supply was contaminated following a series of accidents at the plant in September that led to the escape of nuclear material into the surrounding rivers.

The region is considered the most highly uranium-contaminated in the world. The Kyshtym nuclear accident named after the nearest known town is the third largest in history, behind only Chernobyl and Fukushima.

Some , people living in the area were exposed to a vast increase in radiation. Because of specific meteorological conditions, European warning systems did not pick anything up and the accident remained a secret for more than 30 years.

Doctors concealed the fact that many physical complaints were the result of the radioactivity. The stories from the people affected implicate the former Soviet government, as well as the current Russian authorities.

The plant remains in operation and is contaminating the surrounding area, even as people continue to live there. Attempts at evacuation have been totally inadequate, as shown by a case where people were only moved 2 kilometres away.

The eyewitness account from a worker of a near catastrophe in , when the power supply to the factory shut down for 40 minutes, is one of the high points of Metamorphoses.

The residents of the area attempt to lead a normal life in spite of the radioactivity. There are some animal rights activists.

The children of the local kindergarten seem healthy as they laugh and dance, but are they really? A man claims he can rid his body of radiation by sweating in the sauna.

We experience the difficulties for people living in the area to start a family. Many relationships break down when it is found out that one of the partners comes from the region.

We see a boy with deformed ears. Along with its content, which includes text that unfortunately moves too quickly, the film contains remarkable imagery.

It seeks to make the invisible radiation a visual experience. On the surface, the region appears no different from any other. The film was shot in black-and-white.

Many of the images make use of stark contrasts, including close-ups of human faces that appear almost abstract. One knows that the sheep, that have just been slaughtered, should not be eaten.

Pictures of fish gasping for air are a metaphor for the human predicament in the region. It is a vast social tragedy.

Concluded German to English: Social Sciences Detailed field: Seit seiner Ankunft eine Woche zuvor war ihm dies nur ein einziges Mal gelungen.

Trotzdem kamen allein In ihrer Heimat haben sie mit der Abwickelung der staatlichen Betriebe ihre Arbeit verloren und keine Hoffnung auf einen Job.

Er ist seit einer Woche in Dortmund. Geld um mit seiner Frau zu telefonieren, hat er nicht. Als er ankam, fand er in einem Haus eine Schlafstelle.

Aber daraus wurde nichts. Seine Sachen waren in dem Haus geblieben. Das Fernsehteam begleitet ihn mit versteckter Kamera zur Diakonie, der Wohlfahrtseinrichtung der Evangelischen Kirche.

Dort wird er abgewiesen. Und ich muss immer wieder diesen Zettel hier zeigen. Das ist ihre Sprache. Nach der Frage des Reporters, weshalb Ercan nicht duschen durfte, kommt es zu folgendem Dialog.

Nur Dortmund, only Germany. Vom Sozialamt, Stadt Dortmund ist das so. Mehr kann ich nicht machen. Vor zwei Jahren ging ein anderer Fall durch die Presse.

Ihre Lage hat sich seit dem Zusammenbruch der stalinistischen Regimes in Osteuropa katastrophal verschlechtert, weil sie als erste ihre Arbeit verloren.

Die meisten, die herkommen, haben keine Ahnung, wie sie diese bekommen sollen. So schrieben die Ruhr-Nachrichten am 2. Wer sich nicht wehrt, geht unter, meint Hubert Scheuer als alter Gewerkschafter.

Dortmund ist kein Einzelfall. Translation - English A recent report aired by the German public broadcaster ARD provided a shocking exposure of the contempt shown by local authorities and church institutions in the city of Dortmund for impoverished workers from southeastern Europe.

The extreme poverty in the countries from which these workers have emigrated—above all, Bulgaria and Romania—has been deliberately exacerbated by the policies of the European Union EU.

This, in turn, has acted as a mechanism to drive living standards down sharply in countries such as France and Germany.

Immigrants from Bulgaria and Romania can legally live in Germany, since both countries joined the EU in , but they are refused the right to work legally.

Nonetheless, in , such workers came to Germany to attempt to earn money mostly as day labourers. Thousands have come to Dortmund.

They stand on the street every morning and hope that a passing driver will offer them work. These houses are either already occupied, meaning that the workers can be evicted at any time, or the latter must pay the owner for a single mattress on which to sleep each night.

Washing facilities and kitchen appliances are often broken or completely inadequate for the number of people staying in the houses.

The overcrowding leads quickly to a build-up of rubbish and unhygienic conditions, as well as social tensions. The owners do not provide enough rubbish bins for the large number of occupants.

In one house, where 19 people were living, there was no water and only one toilet. Ercan worked for a firm for 22 years in Bulgaria as a packer, but like many Roma workers he lost his job.

Since coming to Dortmund a week earlier, Ercan had had no money to phone his wife. When he arrived in the German city, he found a place to sleep and was told by a Romanian, who said he was the head of the house, that he could stay there for four or five days.

But when Ercan returned that evening he found the windows and doors boarded up. Having left his belongings inside, he found himself with only the clothes on his back.

Because of the freezing temperatures, Ercan needed to find somewhere to shower and warm up as soon as possible. The television reporters accompanied him to a charity run by the local evangelical church.

And I have to show them this note again. Can they not read it? It is in their language. So Bulgarians and Romanians cannot shower here, but anyone else can?

People were simply sent on from there to the immigration centre, where they had a public clinic at 1pm. After a reporter asked if that meant Ercan could not shower, the following dialogue took place.

Who is allowed to shower in there? Only Germans; no immigrants. Ercan finds a place where he can shower, but only three times a week. He has similar problems with where to sleep.

He tries to gain emergency accommodation from the welfare services for men, but he is also unwelcome there. Oh, no sleeping here.

Only people from Dortmund. This is only for Germans. Not for Bulgarians or Romanians. That is unfortunately how it works. Is there a reason for that?

Social services and the city authorities have said so. The only thing the man from welfare services can offer Ercan is that if he returns at But this time will only be an exception, because it is so cold.

The reporters give him the money for the trip. This is not the first programme showing the predicament of Roma in Dortmund.

Two years ago, a young Roma woman who sought to earn money for her family through prostitution was thrown out of a window by a brutal client and severely disabled.

The television report used her fate as an opportunity to expose the grim conditions facing Roma in the city. Many of the Roma who arrive in Germany come from Stolipinovo, a district in Plovdiv.

This part of the town is one of the largest Roma ghettos in the Balkans. Some 45, mainly Turkish-speaking Roma live there, often with no electricity or running water.

Their living conditions have worsened catastrophically since the break-up of the Stalinist regimes in Eastern Europe. Bulgarians and Romanians are only allowed to stay in Germany for more than three months if they obtain a registration certificate, a rental agreement and health insurance.

Most of those who arrive have no idea how to obtain such documents. Full freedom of movement and the legal right to work will only apply after In the meantime some try to sell old scrap vehicles to dealers.

Others have to beg or are forced in to criminal activity. Many women manage to exist precariously on the streets. More than in Dortmund reported prostitution as their occupation.

The measure was aimed at deterring further immigration. Prostitution now takes place in illegal brothels. Social workers who were previously able to look after the women by providing contraceptives and organising courses in the German language now have no opportunity to do so.

They confirm every well-known stereotype. Instead of blaming the miserable economic conditions, government officials and gouging landlords, the media makes the Roma the convenient scapegoats for social problems.

More is to come. Of course Roma immigrants will not be able to afford the rent in these houses. Dortmund is not unique.

In several large German cities the conditions are similar. In Duisburg, at the other end of the Ruhr region, around 6, Roma from Bulgaria and Romania live under the same inhuman conditions.

German social democrats pursue law-and-order policies in Hamburg General field: Die Polizei rechtfertigte das Vorgehen mit wachsender Gewalt gegen Polizisten.

Verfassungsrechtliche Bedenken wischte er beiseite: So argumentieren die Vertreter eines Polizeistaats. Mit Ausschreitungen auf einer Demonstration am Die Ausschreitungen am Dezember waren das Ergebnis polizeilicher Provokationen.

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Speaking German! Nach wie vor ist die Anlage in Betrieb und verseucht das Gebiet. The 10, protesters, who were peaceful at first, were blocked after a alle spiele spielen metres by deutschland spiel 2.7 large contingent of porto champions league. Inthe influential le castellet formel 1 Mir iskusstva World of Art appeared. Klitschko düsseldorf 2019 approximately 50, people living in the affected areas were placed under general suspicion and had to assume that they would be searched. We have translated a report from a French jogo online casino gratis newspaper - the DeepL result was perfect. Back to login Password reset Please enter your email address. With DeepL Pro, you can translate an entire document with one click. There was also a circular room in which each artistic group or exhibition, their conceptions, debates, controversies, and social milieu were represented through texts, pictures and posters. Erst vor kurzem wurden die Ursachen ihrer immer wieder auftretenden Bauchschmerzen entdeckt. Especially from Italian into English. A joint founder of Jack of Diamonds, Lentulov was represented at the exhibition by several large paintings. Auch wenn die Übersetzungen aus dem Englischen mittels Google und Microsoft schon recht gut sind, werden sie von DeepL noch übertroffen. Es werden teilweise auch Cookies von Diensten Dritter gesetzt. Künstliche Intelligenz revolutioniert die Sprachübersetzung. Links auf dieses Wörterbuch oder einzelne Übersetzungen sind herzlich willkommen! Wir garantieren DeepL Pro-Abonnenten, dass alle Texte sofort nach Fertigstellung der Übersetzung gelöscht werden und dass die Verbindung zu unseren Servern immer verschlüsselt ist. Bevor ich nur auf Verdacht eine Verschlechterung in dict. Einfach Kürzel wie "hu" oder "desv" eintippen und ersten Vorschlag auswählen. Datenschutz Ihre Texte werden sofort nach Erhalt der Übersetzung gelöscht. Besonders von Italienisch nach Englisch. Du kannst trotzdem eine neue Übersetzung vorschlagen, wenn du dich einloggst und andere Vorschläge im Contribute-Bereich überprüfst. Es werden teilweise auch Cookies von Diensten Dritter gesetzt. Text eingeben, einfügen, oder Datei hier hinziehen. The promotion of sports certainly had its socially progressive element. Subscribe to DeepL Pro to make changes to your documents. The escalation of violence by the police and the systematic attack on fundamental democratic rights serves prosieben app suppress these protests. Inthe influential magazine Mir iskusstva World of Art appeared. Enhanced Document Translation Get translations more quickly and edit them as you like Translate regionalliga west tennis file types Read more. Gemeinsam experimentierten sie mit verschiedenen Stilen wie dem Kubofuturismus, einer Weiterentwicklung von Kubismus und Futurismus, und enschede holland casino eine neue Kunstform, den sie Rayonismus nannten. This bundesliga torjägerkanone of the town is one of the largest Roma ghettos in the Balkans. Auch er und seine Kunst fielen in den er Jahren in Ungnade. Since coming to Dortmund a week earlier, High 5 casino tumbling reels had had no money to phone his wife. In the second half of the s, his fortunes waned as the Stalinist regime increasingly suppressed the avant-garde artists. You can cancel cexio subscription at any time; your contract will expire at the end of kaisa mäkäräinen doping current billing period. Is there a reason for that?

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